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Frequently Asked Questions
1 : How do i check availability on travuhub?
2 : If the system shows availability at a given hotel, is the availability really there?
3 : Do you have allotments for all of the hotels in the database? can i have instant confirmation?
4 : What does request mean?
5 : Are these hotel rates per person/night or per room/night?
6 : Is breakfast included in the hotel rates?
7 : Who do i contact if a reservation i have made requires action from the reservations department at travuhub?
8 : What is the cancellation policy?
9 : How can i see the total charges for a booking, including taxes and fees?
10 : How can i amend my bookings?
11 : Can i confirm the status of my booking with the hotel?
12 : How will i pay for my bookings?
13 : Are hotel taxes included in my booking?
14 : Will i be able to print the travel voucher once i have made a card payment online?
15 : How can i see the hotel details before booking the hotel?
16 : What happens if i do not finalize my booking before the deadline?
17 : How does travuhub ensure the security of private information and card information?